Persuasive Power with Business Storytelling

How can storytelling be persuasive?
Why is storytelling important in persuasion?
What is the power of storytelling in business?

Let’s explore the power of storytelling in a business context here.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Connect and engage with functional stories
2. Persuade and influence others to action
3. Organise and structure your stories for better outcomes
4. Enhance delivery with effective delivery tools

We are happy to collaborate with Fin2u Academy to bring you this self-paced course.

This e-learning course has 9 chapters with a total video length of 108 minutes. Click here for more information.

Who should attend?
• Leaders and Managers
• Sales and Client Account Managers
• Technical Professionals
• Consultants
• Marketing Professionals
• Human Resource Staff
• Finance and Accounting Professionals
• Anyone seeking to improve their persuasive skills

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