Khairul Mazlan

Millennial Facilitator

Muhd Khairul Akhyar bin Mazlan @ Khairul Mazlan

Khairul, by design, is trained as a Marine engineer. While on board the ship, he travelled the world and learned the skills of communication and business. He has been in the leadership role for the past 10 years managing various levels of generations leading them into maximising productivity in customer service, sales and innovation.

His passion in sharing knowledge has emerged since youth when he became the youngest handball coach to lead a championship team at the age of 16. He continued his trade in developing talent in the corporate world using his unique concept of people management to engage with all levels of employees. His passion in sharing knowledge and developing people has made him one of the sought after internal trainers for his programs. His ability to use and adapt to technology has made him the pioneer of merging customer service and sales in companies he has served and set up OMNI platform for companies to prepare industrial revolution 4.0 incoming wave.

Other than being a certified HRDF TTT, he is also a certified trainer for Mini Workshop Series International (MWS), NLP practitioner and Certified Experiential Game Designer. Recently he has been selected to be a Council member for Consultant and Business Management Research Association (CBMRA) as part of his portfolio.

Khairul has designed a Customer Centricity program which covers Leadership, Lean Ecosystem and Sales using gamification, technology and the best of Neuro Science Technology. This has been the one demand especially during this emerging economy. The last game that he introduced, Lord or Plantasia, helped increase productivity by 40% and resolved attendance issues faced by the company.


His Core programs are :

  • Customer Centricity: Selling to Perfection
  • Managing Millennial the Modern Way
  • Customer Centricity: Lean Way to Innovation
  • Team Dynamics:- It is more than Team Bonding





Clients that he has served include :

  1. Astro Holding Berhad
  2. Brandt International Sdn Bhd
  3. Hitachi Rail STS
  4. Lay Hong Berhad
  5. Kagayaku Logistic (M) Sdn Bhd
  6. Institut Keusahawanan Negara (INSKEN)
  7. Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja (KWSP)

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