Daniel Kee

Daniel Kee is an entrepreneur, trainer and coach. He held managerial posts in various industries for the past twenty years before venturing into training and coaching industry. He is also the founder of Daniel Perspective Academy

Ten years ago, he found his passion and niche in what he really loves to do. Developing, sharing and inspiring his clients to higher performance, productivity and life optimization through training and coaching.

His no-nonsense approach has earned him a reputation as a results-getter for leading-edge clients. Today, his purpose and passion lies in helping his clients in the fields of Self Enrichment; Personal Development; life and transformation coaching.

The perfect balance of in-depth awareness and crystal clear techniques will help you connect better to yourself and your world. He believes that continuous education, willingness to take calculated risks and the right mindset are some of the most important keys to success.

Daniel Kee is a Certified Professional Trainer, IPMA (UK) & Certified HRDF Trainer. He is also a fellow member of International Professional Manager Association & Malaysia Speaker Association.

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