Presentations Master Class: The Next Level

Public speaking is a skill we can all cultivate to achieve better results and more engaged responses in our workplace and communities. Whether we’re giving lectures, sales proposals, reports or pep-talks, a well-planned and effectively delivered presentation can make the difference between astounding success and abysmal failure.

This workshop will instruct participants on the principles of interpersonal communication and coach them on essential public speaking skills and strategies. It will also share cutting-edge techniques on how to create high-quality slides using Microsoft Powerpoint®.

Workshop Objectives

  • To understand the principles of effective interpersonal communication
  • To be able to design and plan presentations successfully with maximal impact
  • To apply essential principles of public-speaking
  • To apply proven presentation techniques and activities (incl. audience management)
  • To create emotionally engaging Microsoft Power-Point® slides

Duration: 2 days

Equipment needed:  Computers (or notebooks) with Internet connection for Day 2

Topics Covered:

  • The PLANNING and DESIGNING of Presentations
  • PUBLIC SPEAKING Principles
  • POWER-POINT Techniques
  • POWER-POINT Practice

** Activity: Participants will be expected to deliver their presentations using Power-Point

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Course code: AL-LS01