SMART Goal-Setting

Set Your Goals in a SMART Way


This Set Your Goal in a SMART Way program guides participants in a pragmatic method  to set meaningful and challenging goals.   It helps individuals  to align their goals with the organizational goal and consequently achieve higher performance.

There are many benefits associated with Set Your Goals in a SMART Way program, e.g. team members are more likely to “buy into” a goal if they have been involved in setting it.  Commitment to achieving these goals is strengthened when they believe that the goal is achievable.  SMART goal-setting improves teamwork, communications, creativity, human relations, fellowship, and increases energy levels.

The key point of this Set Your Goal in a SMART Way program is from the word SMART  which is an acronym for:


Benefits of Set Your Goal is a SMART Way :

  1. Increases Motivation
  2. Increases Progress
  3. Allows you to take control of your progress
  4. Allows you to set priorities and make decisions earlier
  5. Provide a definition and create SMART GOAL to align with the company’s goal setting to achieve higher performance

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, participants will be able to :

  • Understanding the skill to identify critical goals to work towards
  • Set smart goals to align with organisational goals and achieve higher performance
  • Engage superiors and subordinates in a credible and powerful way
  • Increase accountability for all parties
  • Help Workers participate actively in learning process
  • Provide a safe and orderly environment for teaching and learning
  • Decide what is important to achieve
  • Motivate yourself and build self-confidence

Target Participants

Top Management, Managers, Executives, Supervisors, Business Unit Leaders and anyone who is interested to learn SMART goal-setting

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Course Code: SC-PD01