Customer Service Excellence

Course Objectives:

In this competitive business world, whereby many companies are competing for business from the same pool of customers,  great customer experience can make a big difference in developing long-term relationships and gaining repeat sales.    As a matter of fact, customer service excellence is a major differentiator for your business, leading to increased sales

This course will teach the roles of a customer representative in understanding and managing customer expectations.   Games and exercises will be introduced for participants to internalize and practice good communication etiquette.  Building good relationship with customer and leaving good impression is critical to retain your customers for repeat sales.   Various approaches will be covered.     Techniques on how to deal with difficult customers will be shared with some role plays to simulate a good experiential learning environment.    Participants will be taught how to handle customer information and confidentiality appropriately and also  getting customer feedback for continuous improvement in overall customer service level.

Topics covered includes:

  • Customer Service Excellence – what & why?
  • Roles of a Customer Service Representative
  • Managing Customer Expectations
  • Communication etiquette
  • Building Customer Relationship
  • Dealing with difficult customers
  • Handling confidentiality
  • Continuous improvement

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this workshop, the participants will be able to:

  • Manage customer expectations
  • Practice good Communication etiquette (Phone, In-Person, Email and Social Media)
  • Build good customer relationship
  • Deal with difficult customers
  • Handle customer information and confidentiality appropriately
  • Get customer feedback for continuous improvement in customer service

Who should attend:

  • Service-related professionals
  • Customer service representatives
  • Sale Executives,  Sales Assistants
  • Managers
  • Frontline employees who directly interact with customers
  • Outlet managers

Duration: 1 day

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Course Code: BH-SC01