You’re laying pipes and there’s a rock … (part 2)

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You’re laying pipes and there’s a rock. I wrote about this here and here 4 months ago. When you encounter something unexpected, you can have a not-my-problem mindset. Are you smiling and nodding your head? Perhaps, you are thinking of someone you know.

But there are reasons that you would want to keep the rock there and work around it.

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You’re laying pipes and there’s a rock ….

“Not my problem! I’m just here to do my job. I mind my own business.”

A picturre showing pipes laid around a rock instead of emoving the rock.
Source: the internet

This is the core of an individualistic task-based mindset. “My task is to lay pipes from point A to point B. It’s someone else’s job to look for and remove the obstacles in the way. If not, I’ll just work around the obstacle even if it doesn’t meet the specifications.

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