Set goals before you make resolutions. Here’s how.

We’re about the ring in a new year in a matter of hours.
Some people write resolutions, some don’t. Many find that they cannot follow through their resolutions. Experts say that it’s because many write resolutions without having an end-point (called a ‘goal‘)

So, it’s really good time to set goals in different areas of our lives. Many would have heard of SMART goal-setting. What about setting SMARTER goals (yes, it can be plural).

You can spend an hour scrolling social media or your can spend that hour learning about goal-setting. Learn potential pitfalls and how we can prioritise our goals. You will also learn about how to track using triangulation so that you can adapt along the way. Measurement is not only at the end.

Register for the course here at RM69 only :

That’s less than my tea-break bill for 2 persons at TRX Exchange yesterday!

At the end of this one-hour, you will also know what are the 7 areas your life that you can set goals for.

Here’s wishing you a great year ahead.

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