Ask. Don’t tell.

You know how in movies, a character will just tell someone what they want? Like, “I want this thing,” and then the other person just gives them that thing?

Yeah, that doesn’t work in real life. It’s not always obvious what you need. And even if it is obvious, you might not know which way to go to get it. So here’s a trick: Ask questions!

When you ask questions, you’re not just getting info—you’re also building trust and rapport with your customers so they’ll feel comfortable coming back to you again and again. You’re helping them get what they need, but also teaching them how to help themselves next time.

So don’t tell people what they need—ask them!

In selling, questions are your most valuable tool. But you should not be asking questions like it’s an interrogation. Use a planned strategy to uncover your customer’s needs.

Insight: You are not selling; you are helping people to buy.

About the Author: Gina Phan is a consultant and trainer with Zinfinity Consulting. She currently conducts courses in workplace performance skills. Click here to know more about her.

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