Business Writing for Corporates [Course Announcement]

Improve your business writing in 12 hours!

No more staring at a black screen, trying to structure a message or a report.

Join our trainer, Gina Phan, for 3 half-days in this engaging online workshop.

This course targets how to create business documents in the modern workplace, which takes into account the many forms that modern communication can take, and teaches participants how to align their message with the appropriate medium .

Dates: 18-20 August 2021, morning sessions

Organised by: Event Mastery

Know more and register: Click here or contact +6017-866-8522

2 thoughts on “Business Writing for Corporates [Course Announcement]

  1. As some businesses are conducted online, what abt business writing for eg customer service? Would be less formal . What is allowed and not allowed? Like ‘Hello? Cannot!’

    • Good question. ‘Hello? Cannot!’ is a trending phrase and it’s funny!

      B2B (Business-to-Business) writing is different from B2C (Business-to-Consumer) communication. Trending phrases, memes, short forms are accepted in social media and digital marketing posts, especially by fast-moving-consumer-goods type of business.
      What can be accepted or not depends largely the nature of business, the platform, the image your company wants to establish, as well the context. If I am dealing with an aggrieved customer because my company’s product has caused a problem, I certainly would not want to be funny.

      Even for ‘serious’ business, I believe it’s acceptable to be light-hearted in our communication. It helps to make your brand friendlier.

      For people who don’t make the policies in the organization, my advice is to follow the guidelines set by the organization. What the marketing department is allowed to do, can be very different with how you should write an e-mail to customers.

      Hope this answers your question.

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