[Course Announcement] Persuasive Power for Sales Professionals: Influence with Business Storytelling

Are you a sales professional who want to connect better with clients? How can I standout above my competitor in my communication?

In conjunction with Knowledge Hub Asia Sdn Bhd, we are delighted to announce this course that is specially designed for Sales Professionals. Story telling is a compelling method to introduce yourself, build rapport, sell your personal and corporate brand, and respond to objections. They are other times in which this tool can help in positioning your solution, product or service.

Date: 17 & 18 Feb 2022

Location: TheHub, Jaya One, PJ (click for map)

Contact: Esther Yong, +6012-266 2728, inquiry@knowledgehub-asia.com

Business Writing for Corporates [Course Announcement]

Improve your business writing in 12 hours!

No more staring at a black screen, trying to structure a message or a report.

Join our trainer, Gina Phan, for 3 half-days in this engaging online workshop.

This course targets how to create business documents in the modern workplace, which takes into account the many forms that modern communication can take, and teaches participants how to align their message with the appropriate medium .

Dates: 18-20 August 2021, morning sessions

Organised by: Event Mastery

Know more and register: Click here or contact +6017-866-8522

[fmco soundbites] Speak or don’t speak?

[22 June 2021] Day 22 of fmco* in Malaysia

Imagine you are attending a talk and the speaker says something that is factually wrong. Or you are in a conversation and the other person is clearly saying something based on a wrong assumption. Or someone tells you that something cannot be done in a certain way although you have been doing it successfully all this time.

What do you do? Sometimes, I encounter these situations and am not sure if I should speak up or not?

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[fmco soundbites] The org chart (part 7) – Self Awareness

picture of a man in Guy Fawkes mask looking at a smaller Gur Fawkes mask in his right hand
[15 June 2021] Day 15 of the fmco* in Malaysia

Who am I?
Back in 1979, one of my favourite songs was Supertramp’s Logical Song. There’s one part in which they sing “I know it sounds absurd, Please tell me who I am….” Self-awareness can be rare.
A holistic understanding of the various approaches in servant leadership requires self-awareness in the leader.

Often, people in positions of authority and power are blissfully ignorant of their own strengths, as well as their shortcomings. We need to be conscious of how our own behavior, the expression of our values and emotions, and our psychological biases affect those around us. This becomes even more essential during critical moments. It is key to establishing trust and openness in your team.

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[fmco soundbites] Authenticity in business communication

[11 June 2021] Day 11 of the fmco* in Malaysia

Today, I take a break from the upside-down org chart series to talk about being authentic in communication. This applies to leaders as well as anyone else in the organisation.

The business landscape has changed and will carry on changing. Authentic communication is now required in all levels of conversations – whether it’s between government officials with the people, an employer with an employee, or between a business and its customers.

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[fmco soundbites] Conflict at home

Image of a women in boxing gloves punching a man, used as a metaphor for conflict and conflict management

I wrote this soundbite yesterday on my social media channel and thought I’ll post it here as well.

(1 June 2021) Day 1 of Malaysia’s #fmco aka MCO 3.0.

When we are locked in with the rest of the family, there will be stress because we may feel we are pulled in different directions all at the same time. We are bound to find ourselves in #disagreements (aka #conflict) more often than ‘normal’. (What is normal now, btw?)

Here are some #communication tips for you:

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[ONLINE TRAINING] Communication and Listening Skills for Sales Professionals

Good communication skills improves sales. No doubt about it! You can know your product and services well. Couple your knowledge with the skill to build relationships, be persuasive, and provide leadership to customers.

Most business communication courses focus on general workplace communication. This one is different. This course helps sales professionals to sharpen their communication skills so that they can sell better.

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Can you recommend a doctor to me?

Customer Service agent with headphones onHow to answer a question you cannot answer

Customer Service staff in medical centres are not allowed to recommend doctors to patients when they call in. Most medical centres have  this policy. So, what can they do when pushed for an answer?

I was at the Customer Services Counter at a medical centre last week. The lady had to multi-task — answering phone calls and entertaining walk-ins like me.

The phone lines were not busy and the Customer Service lobby was quiet. The agent signaled me to be seated right at her desk. She had just answered a call and  I could hear the phone conversation.  It went something like this:  Continue reading

How to be a better communicator (Technical Professionals Edition)

(Continuing the communications series for technical professionals. Read the first article here.)

Good writing skills do not come naturally to most people.  First, we need to learn how to write well; then we put the skills to practice, intentionally.  Tech professionals have an advantage when it comes to understanding technical explanations. We just need to take the extra effort to communicate the same information clearly and effectively to others.
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5 tips on how to become a good public speaker

Many people would like to be a good public speaker. People say that public speaking is like having a conversation except with more than one person. There’s some truth in that. It does not matter how many people are in the audience. What matters most is how much they remembered from your presentation.

According to Cindy Fisher Crawford in her article on Mentalfloss.com,  there are 5 top elements you can pay attention to. It touches on how you can connect to make it conversational, as well as the energy level and using the appropriate pace.

5 Steps to Becoming a Better Public Speaker

Hope this helps you. Which one do you need to improve on?  Put a comment here.


(Image by Hugo Ataide, licensed under CC0)