[ONLINE TRAINING] Communication and Listening Skills for Sales Professionals

Good communication skills improves sales. No doubt about it! You can know your product and services well. Couple your knowledge with the skill to build relationships, be persuasive, and provide leadership to customers.

Most business communication courses focus on general workplace communication. This one is different. This course helps sales professionals to sharpen their communication skills so that they can sell better.

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wotw #44 cartographic

Maps, maps, maps. This adjective is used when we work with maps.

This is a simple enough adjective which has only 1 meaning. Its noun form is cartography which means the science of making or drawing maps and charts. The person who works on maps is called a cartographer.

Example sentences:

  1. The library collection includes cartographic materials dating back to the 1700s.
  2. Some Computer Aided Design (CAD) software has cartographic tools.
  3. Technology has advanced the way we use cartographic information on our smartphones.

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