wotw #42 conjecture

The word, conjecture, can be used as either a noun or a verb.

In noun form, it is an inference or a conclusion formed on incomplete information. When used as a verb, it is the act of forming an opinion about something or someone, also on the basis of incomplete information.

Example sentences:

  1. The conjectures made about the new CEO are many and varied.
  2. Sometimes, in Science, you have to make a conjecture and then later go back to verify and prove it.
  3. There were strange sounds outside my door so I conjectured someone was trying to break in.
  4. The kitten eyed movement and conjectured it was a toy when it was just its own swinging tail.
  5. As we were not given the full information, we had to conjecture our best course of action moving forward.
  6. What she said in that press conference was pure conjecture!
  7. The medical fraternity is releasing all information on the vaccines so that there are no wrong conjectures made by the public.

This is the 42nd post in the WOTW series. I hope you are benefiting from these. If you need help with any word, please post a comment here.

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