wotw #41 guileless

Have you watched the movie Forest Gump? He is the perfect example of guileless.

WOTW poster to define the word guileless.

Depending on context, words related to guileless includes childlike, naïve, innocent, gullible, impressionable, inexperienced, unwordly, candid, direct, and trusting.

Example sentences:

  1. The guileless tourist thought he was buying a real antique at the bazzar.
  2. With guileless honesty, she told her boss that she was late for the meeting because she went shopping during lunch time and lost track of time.
  3. Don’t be deceived by the dog’s guileless expression; he can trick you into giving him more treats than he should have.
  4. My aunty is famous for her guileless style when giving her opinion on your cooking. It certainly is not for the faint-hearted.

The opposite of guileless would be guileful.

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