WOTW #36 yeasty

Let’s bake some bread. We need yeast!
The yeast lends its attributes to this adjective.

Yeasty is used to describe something

a) containing or resembling yeast
b) is frothy; foamy
c) exuberant, youthful, frivolous
d) high-spirited, restless or even turbulent

Bakers will be able to understand this as those are the characteristics of what a yeast does in the dough.

Example sentences:

  1. I love Esther’s sourdough bread; it has a crusty outside while being soft and chewy on the inside, with just a touch of yeasty flavor.
  2. The concept of the lobby design fitted is suitable for this was a yeasty company.
  3. The press conference is swarming with a yeasty mix of journalists and campaign workers.
  4. When I enter the old shops during winter, the yeasty smell overwhelms me.
  5. Adrian let loose a warm, yeasty laugh when he realised we were giving him a surprise birthday party.
  6. The yeasty music certainly fitted the celebrations.
  7. I don’t enjoy certain types of comedies because the characters are too yeasty.

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