[fmco soundbites] The org chart (part 2) – Vision & foresight

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[8 June 2021] Day 8 of the fmco* in Malaysia.

I wrote about Stewardship in an upside-down org chart yesterday.

There is more to leadership than our decision-making skills. One of the services a leader must provide is the capacity of vision and foresight. Without this, the whole organisation will either go in different directions or in the wrong direction.

The leader in the upside-down organisation needs to aware that the past, the present and the future are interconnected. By building on the past and present, and through lived experience, he/she will have the intuitive ability to navigate what is likely to happen with each decision. This foresight allows the leader to plan for the future.

Just like a telescope, you will need to be able to look far as well as zoom in to see the smaller details. In corporate terms, you’ll need to be able to see both the forest and the trees.

Being able to do all these means nothing if the leader is not able to work all this into the plans for the employees. It will not work if he/she is not able to inspire the employees to work in tandem towards the same vision. Other skills are needed. Stay tuned.

About the Author: Gina Phan is a consultant and trainer with Zinfinity Consulting. She currently conducts courses in workplace performance skills. Click here to contact her, follow her on Facebook or connect with her on Linkedin.

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*fmco stands for Full Movement Control Order.

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