[fmco soundbites] The org chart (part 3) – Passion

[9 June 2021] Day 9 of the fmco* in Malaysia

Many of us are so used to the organisation being top-centric where authority lives and directives are flowed down. The upside-down organisation chart is something that we need to consciously adopt and adapt to.

If you visualise the upside-down org chart, you will see that the leader literally is supporting and holding up the entire structure. What drives this leader?

The leader must have this key ingredient

Leaders must have passion for everything they and their organisations do. They must believe in their reasons for being. What are the aspects of passion? Let’s use the word to describe itself:

P is for “Purpose”

Whether you are a business owner or an appointed leader, your whole reason for being the leader can be thought as your purpose. It is the guiding light to all the decisions you make and the goals you set. Are you there for fame and fortune? for helping people? to solve a problem for society? Whatever it is, your purpose if what you wake up each day for. Do you know what your purpose is?

A is for “Attitude”

Positive attitudes equals positive results. There is a saying “Birds of a feather flock together.” Have you noticed that people who work in the same company or department tend to be alike? Sometimes, leaders hire people who are like them; sometimes a leader’s attitude will rub off on his team members. Your attitude to your business reflects on everything – personnel management, customer service, and supplier relationships. Good culture starts from the top.

S is for “Service”

No doubt, a servant leader is all about service – to the business, to the staff, to the structure, to the customers, and to all stakeholders. There’s nothing more powerful than good service to build a good reputation in the market, and loyalty among the staff.

S is for “Self-Awareness”

Self-awareness is needed for a rounded understanding of the leadership role. Are you conscious about how your own behaviour affects those around you? Learn how to adapt your styles to suit different people.
What about your blind side? Do you ask people around you to help you see your blind spots?
Managing your emotions and behaviours will be key to establishing trust ad openness, especially during critical moments. And you cannot do these well without being self-aware.

I is for Integrity

Great leaders have integrity. They are honest, trustworthy, and reliable. They practice what they preach and do not attempt to hide their mistakes, blame their team-members or make excuses. A leader’s behaviour reflects on their own personal reputation, as well as their organisation’s reputation. How your customers feel about your brand is closely tied to how they feel about your reputation.

O is for “Openness”

The problem with having authority is that it can get into our head. We can end up believing we can do no wrong — ok, very little wrong. Being open means we must be able to accept all types of feedback, process each one objectively, learn and improve. It’s good to see everything as a journey. This way, we don’t feel like we have failed when we miss the mark. Servant leaders are humble, authentic. vulnerable, and honest to self. They must be confident enough to be transparent to the staff as well as to welcome feedback from them.

N is for “Never give up”

This one is hard. Business life is like riding a roller-coaster. Slow steep climb and then it can turn into a downward spiral at breakneck speed. You may want to give up at times. While it is acceptable to sometimes slow-down to gather your breath, call up the troops and re-strategise, harness the passion to strive for your purpose. In the last 18 months, the pandemic has seen many business affected. Some did not make it, while some managed to ride the storm and seem to be coming out stronger before. Your tenacity while you are in the eye of the storm is what your troops will rally around. Stay strong.

(Read the previous parts in which I wrote about Stewardship and Vision.)

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*fmco stands for Full Movement Control Order.
This post is partly inspired by the book “Secrets of Small Business Owners Exposed”.

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