Influence and Persuasion: Why Pulling Is More Effective Than Pushing!

I posted a video of a tugboat recently on social media.

Influence and Persuasion are needed in leadership, conflict resolution, decision making, project management, or in selling.

When people think about the word “influence”, they usually think about it in terms of PUSHING: a person exerting power or pressure on another. While this is certainly true, there is also another side to influence that many people don’t realize exists: PULLING.

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[fmco soundbites] Conflict at home

Image of a women in boxing gloves punching a man, used as a metaphor for conflict and conflict management

I wrote this soundbite yesterday on my social media channel and thought I’ll post it here as well.

(1 June 2021) Day 1 of Malaysia’s #fmco aka MCO 3.0.

When we are locked in with the rest of the family, there will be stress because we may feel we are pulled in different directions all at the same time. We are bound to find ourselves in #disagreements (aka #conflict) more often than ‘normal’. (What is normal now, btw?)

Here are some #communication tips for you:

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