WOTW #34 winsome

Happy New Year 2020!

Here’s an adjective that explains why playing innocent can help you. 😉

Winsome is used to describe someone who is attractive or appealing in a fresh, innocent way.

Example sentences:

  1. When I caught my daughter stealing the freshly-baked cookies meant for my neighbours, she gave me a winsome smile and said “Sorry’. Who can get angry with that?
  2. When the judge announced the guilty verdict, the young criminal looked a lot less winsome.
  3. The book is only 50-pages long and has cute illustrations. It is so winsome that it is easy to read in a single sitting.
  4. My pet dog will always get his treats when he looks at me with his winsome eyes.
  5. My grandmother still has her cheerful and winsome nature, even though she is suffering from arthritis.

So keep up the charm, folks. Flash your most winsome smile throughout this year and beyond.

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