WOTW #33 veiled

This week’s adjective has both a physical meaning as well as a metaphorical one:

The word veiled could either mean something that is covered or hidden physically. It can also mean something is expressed in an indirect way; not openly declared or expressed.

Example sentences:.

  1. The veiled protesters were not easily identified by the police.
  2. The veiled view of the valley is common here due to the mist in the morning.
  3. She took her manager’s comment as a veiled threat.
  4. This sequel to the 2001 movie is a thinly veiled reproduction of the first film.
  5. She made a lot of thinly veiled accusations.
  6. In some societies, women are expected to be veiled when they go out in public.
  7. The groom cried when he first saw his bride in her veiled beauty.
Picture of a veiled woman

Picture of a bride in veil

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