[nrp soundbites] How to empower – Wrap up

[28 July 2021] Day 58 of the nrp* in Malaysia

I have given 6 quick tips on how to create an empowering culture by

1. Letting go of fear and starting to trust
2. Flattening the hierarchy and setting clear objectives to employees
3. Delegating with the intention to develop
4. Providing the resources to support your employees (and see an increase in customer loyalty)
5. Being open to feedback
6. Encouraging creativity and see innovation thrive

Empowerment is no more just a buzzword. You should desire it because its positive impact to the business is noticeable. Work is no longer just a way to earn money. People see it as part of their lifestyle and it is important they feel valued by others in their organization.

Empowering employees is not an overnight process but it is a continuous journey. It takes time and dedicated effort; sometimes with unexpected results. The key is to hire and empower the right individuals. The culture change should affect all levels of staff, including HR, managers, executives and front-liners. Remember to look at all types of activities in which employees are engaged in — from the on-boarding process to operational and executive decision-making.

Your road to creating a desired environment can sometimes lead to additional stress and burden. Watch out for such pitfalls. You need to find the right balance while implementing any changes. You cannot achieve it in one giant leap as it involves the buy-in from all employees.

In order to change to a culture of empowerment, leaders must realize its role is to support employees, not the reverse. Empowering employees produces continuity that can handle any changes thrown the organization’s way 一 even a global pandemic.

(*nrp stands for National Recovery Plan.)
(Feature Image by Joseph Mucira from Pixabay.)

About the Author: Gina Phan is a consultant and trainer with Zinfinity Consulting. She currently conducts courses in workplace performance skills. Click here to contact her, follow her on Facebook or connect with her on Linkedin.

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