2nd Good Governance & Integrity Conference (19 Sept 2019)

Are You Prepared?

The requirements
of the Ministerial Directives & Compliance commences on 1st June 2020

Prevention is better than finding a cure”

Conference Benefits:

  • To remind company directors and senior officers that they are liable if their employees, agents, partners and associates commit wrongdoing irrespective of whether it is committed in Malaysia or elsewhere.
  • Provide company directors, senior officers and key personnel with some relevant information on how to take precautionary measures and also to protect the innocent directors and senior officers from being prosecuted in court.
  • To understand and familiarise with the law regarding the new Section 17A Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (Amendment) Act 2018.
  • To prepare and also give awareness to the public and private sectors about MACC (Amendment) Act 2018.
  • Give an overview of the Ministerial Guidelines pursuant to sec (5) of the MACC (Amendment) Act 2018 and take the necessary steps to put in place adequate procedures in an organization to prevent corruption from occurring.
  • To update and equip you on what mechanism, best practices and good governance would be suitable for an organisation to curb malpractices by your staff, agents, partners or associates who may commit wrongdoings without your knowledge.
  • To give a brief knowledge of the UK Bribery Act 2010 and FCPA 1977 especially those do business with foreign companies and its implications.
  • To know the right Channels to report acts of corruption and malpractices, and the differences between criminal offences and malpractices against Code of Conduct or Code of Ethics or disciplinary issues.

Conference Information:

Date:  19 September 2019, 9am-5pm

Venue: Dorsett Grand Subang Hotel

Welcoming Remarks by
YBhg. Dato’ Shamshun Baharin Bin Mohd Jamil
Deputy Chief Commissioner (Prevention)
Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC)

Contact information: 

Malaysian Integrity Academy

Phone/WhatsApp: +6016 3456 560

Email: integrity@integrity2u.my

Speakers include:

  • Y. Bhg. Dato’ Shamshun Baharin Bin Mohd Jamil, Deputy Chief Commissioner (Prevention), Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), Putrajaya
  • Mr Chew Phye Keat, Transparency International Malaysia (TI-M) Former Exco, Lawyer
  • Dato’ Sutinah Binti Sutan, Ex-MACC Deputy Chief Commissioner (Prevention)
  • Mr Rama Sockalingam Nagappan, Head Group internal Audit & Integrity, Duopharma Biotech Berhad
  • Puan Shuhairoz Binti Mohamed Shukeri , Former Head of Regulatory & Enforcement, National Key Results Area Fighting Corruption, Former KPI Offer, Ministry of Governance, Integrity & Human Rights, The Prime Minister’s Office

Contact information: 

Malaysian Integrity Academy

Phone/WhatsApp: +6016 3456 560

Email: integrity@integrity2u.my

Pursuant to subsection (5) of Section 17A under the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Act 2009, the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department in Malaysia  issued the  guidelines on “Adequate Procedures” on 4th December 2018, as stated in the MACC Amendment Act 2018. The objective of these guidelines is to assist commercial organisations in understanding  the adequate procedures that should be implemented to prevent the occurrence of corrupt practices in relation to their business activities. These guidelines have been formed on the basis of five principles which may be used as reference points for any anti-corruption policies, procedures and controls the organisation may choose to implement towards the goal of having adequate procedures as required under the statutory provision. The law will be enforced on 1st June 2020 and commercial organisations need to buck up and prepare to face these new challenges as those who commit offences under this new law will have to face the brunt of the law.

Under this new act, the sentence upon conviction is a fine of not less than 10 times the sum or value of the gratification which is the subject matter of the offence, or 1 million ringgit, whichever is the higher.

In view of all this, it is necessary for commercial organisations to equip themselves with knowledge of the New Section 17A of the MACC Amendment Act 2018 and take preventive ant-corruption measures so as to not contravene this law.

Malaysian Integrity Academy, Phone/WhatsApp: +6016 3456 560   Email: integrity@integrity2u.my


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