WOTW #28 pensive

We start the week thoughtfully with this adjective:


Pensive means engaged in, involving, or reflecting deep or serious thought.


Example sentences:

  1. After we submitted our examination papers, we were pensive because we were not sure if we passed.
  2.  When he heard that he had won the award, he was pensive for a moment before saying anything to his team.
  3. When the manager was giving feedback to his staff over his dipping workplace performance, he spoke with pensive slowness.
  4. Pensive, she leaned against the wall to reflect on her conversation with her counsellor earlier.
  5. The doctor was pensive for a short while after he looked at the patient’s test results.
  6. Our online game catalogue has the right type of games for different people to enjoy — from the quietly pensive to the wildly active.


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