WOTW #31 taciturn

This week’s word is not something we hear often in this part of the world.

Taciturn means ‘not talkative’, ‘uncommunicative,’ or ‘not forthcoming’. It can also mean ‘secretive’, ‘sullen’, or ‘unresponsive’.

Example sentences:

  1. Although he is a taciturn child, his teacher found him to be  interested in lessons that involve music and movement.
  2. Unlike his usual bubbly self, he is taciturn today.
  3. True to her quicksilver personality, her mood turned taciturn very quickly.
  4. I am sorry if I am taciturn today — I have a lot on my mind right now.
  5. It is difficult to make polite small talk with a taciturn person.
  6. The teacher has a knack of being able to communicate with her students, even the taciturn ones.

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