[Course Announcement] Persuasive Power for Sales Professionals: Influence with Business Storytelling

Are you a sales professional who want to connect better with clients? How can I standout above my competitor in my communication?

In conjunction with Knowledge Hub Asia Sdn Bhd, we are delighted to announce this course that is specially designed for Sales Professionals. Story telling is a compelling method to introduce yourself, build rapport, sell your personal and corporate brand, and respond to objections. They are other times in which this tool can help in positioning your solution, product or service.

Date: 17 & 18 Feb 2022

Location: TheHub, Jaya One, PJ (click for map)

Contact: Esther Yong, +6012-266 2728, inquiry@knowledgehub-asia.com

2 easy questions to persuade [aka Jedi mind tricks]

You can apply this strategy in many different situations — from sales to problem-solving to parenting.

The entire focus on consultative selling is to uncover the reasons for why your customers want to buy.

Sales guru and persuasion expert Daniel H. Pink explains how you can use motivational interviewing to influence others’ thoughts and behaviors.

Watch it here:

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(Image by jhathome from Pixabay)

(Video embedded from https://bigthink.com/videos/how-to-persuade-others-with-the-right-questions-jedi-mind-tricks-from-daniel-h-pink)

Can you recommend a doctor to me?

Customer Service agent with headphones onHow to answer a question you cannot answer

Customer Service staff in medical centres are not allowed to recommend doctors to patients when they call in. Most medical centres have  this policy. So, what can they do when pushed for an answer?

I was at the Customer Services Counter at a medical centre last week. The lady had to multi-task — answering phone calls and entertaining walk-ins like me.

The phone lines were not busy and the Customer Service lobby was quiet. The agent signaled me to be seated right at her desk. She had just answered a call and  I could hear the phone conversation.  It went something like this:  Continue reading

How to be a better communicator (Technical Professionals Edition)

(Continuing the communications series for technical professionals. Read the first article here.)

Good writing skills do not come naturally to most people.  First, we need to learn how to write well; then we put the skills to practice, intentionally.  Tech professionals have an advantage when it comes to understanding technical explanations. We just need to take the extra effort to communicate the same information clearly and effectively to others.
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