Aftermath of a flood

Some may have read this on my social media channels but I thought I’ll put this in a blog post so that I can easily find it again in the future. 18th December 2021 – it started raining and raining and raining. It didn’t stop until the next morning. News of floods starting from the […]

[nrp soundbites] A leader’s mindset

[2 July 2021] Day 32 of nrp* in Malaysia Today, I take a small break on the topic of empowerment and talk about mindset. Leaders are responsible for their team’s performance. Sometimes, they are sent for formal training and sometimes they rely on on-the-job experience (aka shoot, then aim). Why are some more successful than […]

[fmco soundbites] Unplug

[25 June 2021] Day 25 of the fmco* in Malaysia The first time I touched a computer (not counting the calculator) was in 1981. At that time, I was not sure what I would choose for my major in university. After my first programming assignment on that primitive computer, I knew Computer Science would be […]